Here is a break-down of some of the most commonly asked questions about Sasquatch Outfitter Company. If we don't cover your question please feel free to email us at the contact info below.

How do I get a license ?
Getting a License is very easy.  You can buy a license at any Walmart in Missouri, there's even one in Bethany just 10 minutes or so from the Lodge or Cabin.  You can also buy your license online with the Missouri Department of Conservation.  Personally I like to buy my license online in advance so that it's taken care of.

What will the temperatures and weather be like?
In Early season Bow/Crossbow hunts the mornings will be cool as well as the late evenings with lows in the low 50's and highs in the mid 70's on average.
• In October expect to see temperatures in low 40's to mid 60's
• In November it cools off to the 30 to 50 degree range
• The Late December Muzzleloader Hunt typical will see lows in the high teens and highs in upper 30's
• Be prepared for sunshine and rain as well as wind and possibly snow in the later hunts.

What kind of stands will I be hunting from and do I need to bring a safety harness?
You will be hunting from 7 different types of stands and we adjust to your comfort and preference.  We hunt from fully enclosed fiberglass stands both elevated and ground level. We hunt from ladder stands and you will need to bring a safety harness for these, we also recommend a pull rope and a hanger for your gear.  We use pop up ground blinds as well as pop up ground blinds on top of 5' quad pods.  We use Ghost Blinds for mobile flexibility.  Lastly, we sometimes hunt from natural ground blinds that we make from the surrounding foliage.  

How much will my guide be available to help me?
When you arrive at the Lodge or Cabin, you will meet all of the guides and manager, have dinner with them and exchange cell phone numbers. From that time until the end of your visit, you will have 24 hour access to all of our guides and manager.  Our guides are there to get you where and what you need throughout your stay as our guest.

How much and who should I tip?
While gratuities are a very personal decision and completely up to you, there is an Industry standard that exists and is rarely discussed.  10% is somewhat expected, 15-20% is greatly appreciated. Tips if given should be paid to the Outfitter or the Outfitter's manager, then the Outfitter or manager divides the tips up among the staff. That way some of the work behind the scenes is equally compensated.  

What do I need to bring to eat and drink and where can I store my food?
We provide a fabulous dinner every night that includes two choices of meats, two sides, two vegetables, salad, breads and desert. All you care to eat. We also provide a quick continental breakfast to get you out in the morning.  You can pick up your snacks, drinks and lunch at Walmart in Bethany. We have a full kitchen including of course a refrigerator for your use.

 If I need to seek medical attention during my stay is it available for me?
Yes there is a wonderful hospital in Bethany just 10 minutes or so from the lodge or cabin. I went there myself last year when severe bronchitis hit me at midnight, the care I was given was the friendliest and most effective I could have hoped for. 


Please feel free to download our Sasquatch Outfitter Company brochure.