We Think Big.

We believe that combining state-of-the-art technology with good old gut-instinct consistently creates the
most successful hunting environments for our guests.

Prior to each season we anticipate optimal hunt dates, become familiar with the deer’s current routes and habits, and map our farms using the latest drone technology. In other words, we spend our time working out the little details so you can spend your time enjoying the BIG hunt.


We Hunt Big.

The Sasquatch hunt portfolio always carries at least 7,000 acres of picturesque farmland in northwestern Missouri… arguably the most beautiful place you will ever hunt. This location, just south of the Iowa line, holds an abundance of BIG Bucks thanks to the area’s plentiful natural resources and the positive impact of over a decade of 4 pt. on one side or better harvest regulations.

The pressure we put on our farms is only 25% of that of our
competitors which means when you hunt with Sasquatch, you hunt BIG. Our guests have a legitimate chance of harvesting a 140" class or better Whitetail.  And, unlike most outfitters, we are always on the hunt for prime, new grounds and the potential trophy opportunities
they provide.

We offer five-day bow/crossbow, rifle and muzzleloader Whitetail hunts. Our hunts are fully guided, and our guides are professional-grade.  They have a knack for anticipating your needs before you ask: delivering a safe, comfortable and memorable experience for every guest, every time.

We Live Big.

We work hard to make sure your stay is a BIG success
after the hunt, too.

You will find that our beautiful 4,000 sq. ft. guest lodge and quaint cabin are logistically placed for easy access to our targeted farms. Each has been extensively updated and both are so comfortable we think you may even be tempted to stay-in at least one morning during your hunt!  When you do decide to venture out, we’ll get you going with a quick continental breakfast every morning and welcome you home with a phenomenal dinner every night.